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Have an idea for a show? Want to be a guest?

 We are always looking for show topics. Let us know what hot, new Urban Fantasy goodies are out there so we can check them out, too. And if we like them, we will probably feature them in the show.

Are you an author, actor, director, game designer, blogger, reviewer, uber-fan, creative, agent, publisher, or other aficionado of Urban Fantasy? Drop us a line and introduce yourself! Tell us about the cool Urban Fantasy projects you are working on and why you’d like to be interviewed on the show.

Just be forewarned… We are looking for action-packed Urban Fantasy! Not Paranormal Romance! (And yes, they are two different things!) If the focus of the story is more than 40% about the romance or eroticism, then we probably are not going to be interested. Not that the characters can’t have adult relations, it just can’t be the focus of the book. (We may relax on this guideline in the future, and we’ll update this page if we do.)

We are open to both adult and YA Urban Fantasy.

We reserve the right to use only the suggestions that excite us and that we believe will excite our audience.

Some things you’d need to have/ do before being a guest:

– We use Google Hangouts for the podcast, so you’d need a Google Plus account and at the very least you’d need to add Ravynheart to your circles. The invitation for the video hangout comes from his account, and we can’t bring you onto the show otherwise.

– Because it is a video podcast, you’d need a webcam and microphone. Many laptops have these built in.

– Google Hangouts doesn’t like working with Internet Explorer, so for the Hangout it is recommended that you download and use Google Chrome. You’ll have a better user experience during the show if you do.

– If you have a book you want us to consider, please send us a PDF copy of it in the email.

– If you have a movie, TV show, game, or other type of media product, let us know how we can check it out.

You can reach us by sending an email to one of us:

Archer [at]

Sherri [at]

Ravynheart [at]

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