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Co-creator of the innovative The Sidhe series. I have written gaming material, paranormal romance, and mysteries under other pen names before finding my true calling with urban fantasy. I just can’t get enough of the intense action and suspense. The fey and Celtic mythology are major inspirations for my own work, although I dig everything from vampires to super powered mutants, too. In my mind, no story is complete without some paranormal, supernatural, or magical elements.

Check out The Sidhe website at sidhetouch.com

Email me at archer [at] ultimateurbanfantasy [dot] com


Sherri's headshotSherri Semine

Sherri is a wife, mother, and Archer’s best friend since high school. I have a degree in theater and am pursuing acting when and where I can. Urban Fantasy is just one of my interests.

Check out Sherri’s Website: http://ssemine.wix.com/semine

Email me at sherri [at] ultimateurbanfantasy [dot] com

Tech Guru and Chat Master:


The other half of the creative team behind The Sidhe series. I am a graphic artist, gamer, and author. So when I’m not managing the techie issues for the podcast, or working on the next episode of The Sidhe, I can be found either creating covers and social media banners, or burning through another Xbox. (I’ve played 3 systems to an early grave, and been known to put over 1000 hours into a single game.)

Visit The Sidhe website at SidheTouch.com and his graphic design site at Ravynheart.com

Email me at ravynheart [at] ultimateurbanfantasy [dot] com

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