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This week’s guest, Andy Behbakht, is the host of the Tomorrow People Podcast and part of the Tomorrow People Site, a fan website for the CW TV show, The Tomorrow People, which stars Robbie Amell (Stephen), Luke Mitchell (John), and Peyton List (Cara). We get into the awesomeness of his podcast and the cool things the fan website has going. And then we talk about season one of The Tomorrow People. We chat about the bad guy, Dr. Jedikiah Price of Ultra, played by the talented Mark Pellegrino, the love triangle between Stephen, Cara, and John, what we love about the awesome character Russell, played by Aaron Yoo, and what we hope to see from Astrid, played by Madeline Mantock. We also talk to Andy about his writing, his other podcasts and geeky loves, and about his trip to ComicCon in 2013.


You can connect with Andy on Twitter @TTPpodcast, or listen to his podcast on iTunes or at

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